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Transfer Options

We believe that if you have previous college experience, you should receive credit for it! More than three quarters of our students bring transfer credit into their degree programs at Granite State College, where we understand how to build a strong degree completion experience that helps you achieve your goals. Granite State College’s approach to transfer credit maximizes your previous credits to save you time and money in completing your degree. Whether you’ve earned an associate degree or started an associate or bachelor’s program at another college, Granite State College has a pathway that will make the most of those transfer credits. Below, you'll find all the information you need to get started with the transfer process:

Steps to Transfer

When applying to a degree program at Granite State College, you must also request official transcripts from all previous colleges you have attended. To request official transcripts from any prior schools/colleges that you attended:

1. Print and complete the Previous College Transfer Request Form.
2. Mail the form to each of the prior schools/colleges that you attended.

In addition, you should arrange to have official score reports for any testing you have completed to be sent directly to Granite State College.

Community College Graduates

Associate degree graduates from the Community College System of New Hampshire save time and tuition when they pursue their bachelor’s degree at Granite State College. Whether you take your bachelor’s degree courses at one of our co-locations, such as Great Bay, Manchester, or Nashua Community College; attend one of Granite State College’s campuses; or enroll online, your credits will transfer seamlessly.

How Transfer Works

Understanding how to make the most of your transfer credit begins with identifying your goals. For example, do you want to finish a degree in the same field you began studying, because you expect to advance your career in that field, or are you looking to major in a new area?  Questions like these will guide your decision about what program is right for you.  If you aren’t sure which of our degree programs will best meet your goals, or are even still considering what your goals may be, contact your local campus to get connected with an Academic Advisor.

There are two ways to maximize your transfer credit into a Granite State College degree program:

  1. Our Degree Completion Pathways simplify the process for those who have an associate degree and little or no other transfer credit. In a Degree Completion Pathway, your bachelor’s program will consist of just 15 required Granite State College courses (60 credits) that build directly upon the area of study you completed as an associate degree graduate.  To learn more about this transfer option, visit our Degree Completion Pathways.
  2. For those with a variety of credits from one or more previous colleges, Granite State College’s flexible approach will ensure that your prior studies count.  When we receive your official transcript(s), we’ll review them against all the degree requirements in your chosen bachelor’s program.  When a course you’ve already taken meets one of the requirements, we’ll include that transfer credit in your Granite State College degree program.

Testing & Training

For information about earning degree credit for other experiences, such as standardized tests or college-level training, please visit our Prior Learning pages.

Transfer Agreements

Granite State College has transfer partnerships with other colleges that maximize our transfer credit policy which allows up to a maximum total of 90 credits toward the 120 credits required for a bachelor’s degree. In addition to our generous transfer credit policy, we have specific partnerships with institutions including:

Transfer Credit Policies

  • Associate degree programs accept a maximum of 44 credits in transfer.
  • Bachelor’s degree programs accept a maximum of 90 credits in transfer.
  • Transfer credits are accepted from colleges or universities that are regionally accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Granite State College degree applicants who have attended non-regionally accredited colleges should contact us to discuss prior learning options.
  • Courses completed with a grade of “C” or better are eligible for transfer to meet general education or major requirements.
  • In Degree Completion Pathway programs, the earned associate degree transfers in full.

Please see the current GSC Catalog for more information.

Credits Earned from a non-U.S. Institution

If you attended a college or university outside of the United States and wish to have credits transferred into a Granite State College degree program, you will need to have your transcript translated and evaluated before you are fully admitted.

Information on the evaluation of foreign transcripts is available by writing directly to:

Center for Educational Documentation
P.O. Box 170116
Boston, MA 02117
Phone: (617) 338-7171
Fax: (617) 338-7101